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Azienda Cavallo Mop Line
Bandiera Inglese di Cavallo Mop

Since 1971, our company is specialized in the manufacturing of brooms, brushes and mops. Our products are highly appreciated in markets troughout the world thanks to our "Italian Style" and our excellent price-quality ratio. Due to an ever-present product evolution and to our wide range of items, we are able to fulfil every request, from the cheapest to the most unusual, with constantly decreasing times of delivery.

Bandiera Italia Cavallo Mop

Top Technology

cavallo scope spazzole pulizia brooms brushes mops cleaning houseware household cepillos escobas limpieza balais brosses

scopa 3 fibre
Scopa tre fibre
Logo 3 fibre di Cavallo Brooms Brushes Mop
Scopa a tre fibre
scopa a tre fibre
Scope a 3 fibre di Cavallo
Logo Cavallo Rosso
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